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Each piece by Étoile de Marie is tailored individually by the same person from A to Z.
Linen is a material that creases more or less according to the quality of its weave and its yarn. The linen that we use at Étoile de Marie for the majority of our pieces is a linen which creases very little, has a slightly rustic feel and is, however, soft to the touch and falls quite heavily, giving it a seductive quality. It is very much favoured by our customers. It is ideal for clothing cut in bias. The finer linen creases a bit more but retains its elegance; it doesn’t lose its shape.
From design to creation, our clothing is 100% produced in Provence.
All of the materials used to make the Étoile de Marie clothing are natural: linen, silk, sustainable wool, cotton. Only certain laces and accessories, such as crocheted ribbons, contain synthetic fibres.
All our pieces are created by properly paid adults in pleasant working conditions.
Our linen is of European origin: Italy
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